Photo by  Adam Luk

Photo by Adam Luk


Ronald Dario is an improviser, sketch comedian and actor from Vancouver, BC and is so good at writing in the third person, you’ll see!!

In this first bit, he will casually mention how he performs improv every Tuesday night with the group of his dreams, Little Mountain Improv. He’ll then type out about teaching improv and sketch comedy classes at Blind Tiger Comedy wondering if he should add being a Program Coordinator for its Diversity Program. This will give him a great segue into letting the reader know that he is also an alumnus of Blind Tiger’s sketch and improv house teams. He’ll end this paragraph plugging in credits like being a cast member at Instant Theatre and being a trainer at Improv Camp.

Ronald—or “Ronaldo” as most people assume it’s pronounced due to his ethnic ambiguity—writes, directs and produces his own live shows and sketch comedy videos. He’s also directed comedy videos for the CBC and groups like Brunch Comedy and The Sunday Service. Some of these comedy videos have been played at and/or nominated for awards JFL Northwest, the Vancouver Comedy Award, and the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. Another thing he’s done is written short comedic pieces that have been published on Vulture (RIP Splitsider) and The Big Jewel.

We’ll take a quick break to give you some time to decide how he’s doing on this bio of himself. Please take your time and be honest.

Even though this entire thing is starting to get long, Ronald—who right now is thinking “ugh, it’s so awkward typing your own name so many times”—will earnestly mention performing at events like JFL NorthWestUCB Theatre’s Del Close Marathon, the Vancouver Improv Festival, and the Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival. He also performs regularly at local comedy, like The Hero Show, Sidekicks, Bloodfeud, and The List and a variety of very nice comedy podcasts.

Fighting the urge to be self-deprecating because he’s been nice to himself so far, he’ll finish confidently by writing about appearing in commercials for IBM (Fitting Room, Pizzeria, Celebrity Treatment), Squarespace, Just Eat, and Edible Arrangements and comedy projects like Dan Mangan’s More Or Less Variety Show.

Photo by  David Manuel

Photo by David Manuel